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We are a group of straight forward, no-nonsense but fun-loving home renovators. We are trust-worthy (according to customers) , practical (also commented by customers) and providing home solutions that not making a hole too big for your wallet. A lot of our customers are from referrals.

Darren Chan

Project Manager

Customer Says

We are a team of "no nonsense" home renovation experts focusing on carpentry and tiling. Our quotes are very economical and affordable while keeping quality service in balance. We streamline our services and minimize the possible overhead so as to convert all the financial benefit back to our customers. We partner with Adea Interior Design Pte Ltd and SMS building Pte Ltd. and are licensed contractor by HDB and BCA Singapore.

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22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76, Midview City, Singapore 573969 Phone:(65) 9348 5255 Email:homeaspectappt@gmail.com
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