Choosing the suitable cabinet (3/3) – Points to note when choosing Wall Corner Cabinets

Wall corner cabinets include:
(1) the diagonal-front — this cabinet has a modified pentagon shape (this is the one most frequently chosen for this position);
(2) the easy reach — this cabinet appears to be two adjoining wall cabinets (it has a center hinge to allow opening the first door or both and allows direct access to the contents on the shelves); and the blind — half of this cabinet is buried in the corner itself and can be accessed only by the front door of the cabinet.
In conclusion , when choosing cabinets in general and wall or base corner cabinets in particular, your best choices will depend on the size and shape of available space, your budget and the items that you plan to store there. Additionally, you really should make every effort to: (a) be as fully informed as possible about your cabinet options and (b) carefully review all of your decisions before ordering any cabinets — whether or not you have bottomless pockets.
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