DIY Tiling (1/2)

How to do DIY tiling?

We look at how to tile a floor in 3 easy steps. If you have never tried tiling before, I’m sure after reading, you will feel more confident that the process in not only very achievable, but also a lot quicker than you may have previously thought! Tiling a floor has become a relatively straightforward task with the assistance of high-quality raw materials and modern tools .

Before getting into tile the floor, take a look at the list of tools below and make sure you have access to these items that will do a similar job before getting started. We recommend that you purchase about 10% more tiles than what you have estimated you’ll need for the job in case of any mistakes or miscalculations. Another important step to remember before you begin is to makes sure your sub-floor (the floor surface for adhering the tiles) is as clean as possible, removing any dirt and small particles that may cause problem when you come to lay the tiles themselves.

Tools for the job

a power drill with a mixing paddle attachment
tile adhesive (check with your supplier which is appropriate for your job)
safety glasses
a mixing bucket
dust mask
a spirit level
a trowel
a grout float
a grout finishing tool
knee pads
tile grout
a sponge (for cleaning up afterwards)

In our next post, we will share on the exact steps on doing the tiling yourself. Stay tuned.